The Postpartum Plan

The prenatal class with a difference

TMany prenatal classes are focused on childbirth – but this isn’t the only option, and it’s important you consider the big picture. Motherhood is a lifelong job and the journey ahead of you will impact all aspects of your life.

I’ve lost count how many times I’ve heard the phrase “I wished somebody told me how hard this would be”.

So much emphasis is placed on pregnancy and birth in traditional prenatal classes, at the expense of learning about the “real deal”.   Whilst most other prenatal classes typically centre around birth preparation, we recognise that birth is a single milestone moment in an ongoing transformation, with a steep learning curve to follow. Once your baby has arrived, the real work begins.

This is where I can help.

My prenatal online program “The Postpartum Plan” is unique in that it is designed to prepare soon-to-be mothers (and partners) for their postpartum journey. It connects expectant parents with each other and empowers you with relevant, practical, and honest information and insight into motherhood. This course will give you the tools and skills you need to prepare for your journey into the adventure that is motherhood. It will help you prepare for this massive adjustment in your life with as much care and attention as you have prepared for the pregnancy and birth itself. Each lesson is presented in video form, so you can watch the content on your phone, tablet or desktop. The content is self-paced, so you can binge-watch it, or take your time.

The course is for you if…

  • you are about to become a mum for the first time
  • you struggled after the birth of your last child and want to do things differently this time
  • you have no idea what to expect after your baby is born
  • you want to prepare for the time after your baby’s birth in the best possible way
  • you are concerned about how the birth of your baby will affect your relationship
  • you want to make sure you have a village of support around you after birth

How is this program different?

  • The Postpartum Plan is looking at postpartum recovery from a very different perspective
  • We believe new mothers deserve far more care and attention than they are currently receiving
  • We also believe that recovering well after birth is a long term investment in your future health and well being
  • Most other antenatal courses do not give you the tools and mindset you need for preparing for postpartum
  • As part of The Postpartum Plan, you get access to a supportive private online community of other like-minded mums
  • You also get to ask Ebony questions directly so that all you are learning can be tailored directly for you

Benefits of this program:

  • A plan for postpartum support from your community
  • Realistic expectations of recovery from birth and beyond
  • An understanding of the transition you will go through
  • Awareness of how to support your health and well-being
  • Guidance in planning for  postpartum nutrition
  • Stronger partnership connection and communication

Can my partner take part?

YES! We encourage anyone in your support network to dive into The Postpartum Plan with you – remember this baby thing was never meant to be a one-person job! In fact, encouraging your partner to take part will help you both get the most out of what we offer.

This is your opportunity to prepare holistically for the important aspects of the transition into motherhood:


The next course start date is July 2020

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