Postpartum Massage & Myotherapy

Is your discomfort getting in the way of mum life?

Are the repetitive demands of motherhood causing stress and strain on your body?

Are you suffering from aches and pains associated with all of the carrying, rocking, feeding and holding your baby?


As you transition into the role of motherhood, and recover from birth, your body is working overtime to heal you, and nourish your baby.

Amidst the reduced sleep, nursing, fluctuating hormones, and adapting to life with a newborn, often the last thing you’re thinking of is ensuring you’re doing your pelvic floors exercises!

Just as you cared and nurtured your body during your pregnancy, it is equally as important to care for yourself now that your little one is here.

Postpartum Myotherapy and massage treatments focus on relieving your physical discomforts, whilst being aware of hormonal and emotional changes during this transition.

Performed by a NurtureLife® pregnancy & postpartum massage practitioner, beyond birth massages can be performed as soon as you wish, post vaginal birth, or two weeks (or sooner with obstetrician clearance) following a cesarean birth.


Common postpartum complaints:

• Headaches
• Neck & Shoulder Pain
• Back (Upper & Mid) Pain
• Coccyx Pain
• Postural Pain & Discomfort
• Pelvic Girdle Pain
• Wrist Pain – Carpal Tunnel & De Quervains
• Lower Back Pain

Benefits of regular massage during postpartum & beyond:

  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Improved mood and overall general well-being
  • Increased connection with baby
  • Reduced discomfort
  • Reduced stress and/or anxiety levels
  • Reduced leg cramps
  • Decreased back and hip pain
  • Relief from tension and tightness in muscles and tendons
  • Improved circulation and healing

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